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Epic Durable Floor Finish

Ultra Durable Water Based Urethane Floor Finish 

Easy to maintain, looks great, cost less and doesn't harm the environment. >>>

Impact Durable Floor Sealer IMPACT
Ultra Durable Water Based Urethane Thin Film Protective

High abrasion and chemical resistant topcoat developed to protect your investment. >>>

An elastomeric waterproof rubber membrane that is rolled, sprayed, or troweled on to achieve superior bonding and waterproofing capabilities. Aquashield can be applied in above or below grade applications. Aquashield is great for waterproof fountains / ponds, basements, foundations, flat roofs, shower pans, and decks. Aquashield is used in Performance Waterproof Deck System. >>>

Bond Coat Mix
A special formulation that can be used as a skim coat to smooth out an existing concrete surface. Our Bond Coat is also used as a wet primer coat prior to applying HD Stamp Mix. Our Bond Coat has a high polymer content for maximum adhesion. Just add water! >>>

HD Degreaser
Heavy Duty Degreaser offers a combination of emulsifiers, solvents and highly alkaline builders which penetrate and route out heavy grease, soil and grime. HD Degreaser is designed for the heavier soil loads that your lower alkaline products will not remove. It is an ideal cleaner for garage floors, concrete patios, driveways, VCT, tile, and alike. >>>

Easy Texture Mix
Description – Easy Texture is a proprietary powdered mixture of fine aggregates and white Portland cement.  Performance Polymers Easy Texture is designed to be used with stencils, tapped patterns, or applied as a knock-down texture. This product can be applied as a skim coat or a spray texture. Also great for hand carved rock.  >>>

Fiber Mesh
Alkaline Resistant 4 x 4mm 120 g fiber mesh. >>>

HD Stamp Mix
HD Stamp is a proprietary powdered mixture of various sized aggregates, fiber, and white Portland cement. Performance Polymers HD Stamp uses specialized marble aggregates creating a very smooth creamy mix allowing for higher definition texture when stamped achieving a simulated appearance of slate, brick, stone or other designs. >>>

Liquid Release
Our Non Stick Liquid Release Agent was developed to make concrete stamping quick and trouble-free while keeping your stamps and tools lubricated and clean. >>>

POLY 600 (Liquid Polymer)
The Cadillac of Polymers, with an industry high of 60% solids. This is one of the best polymers available on the market. If you’re currently buying Super Krete, Concrete Solutions, Super Stone or Elite Crete (all of these are great products)- you will love our Poly 600 Polymer! But we can only save you money if you call! >>>

POLY 686 (Dry Polymer)
A redispersible, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer powder. Suggested for use as a polymer modifier for hydraulic cement mixtures, in particular for:
•Self-leveling floor formulations
•Pre-packaged ceramic tile adhesives and grouts
•Pre-packaged mortar repair kits redispersible, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer powder >>>

Pro Shine Sealer
A high solids, UV stable sealer with a remarkable shine. Used for stamp concrete, other decorative overlays. >>>

Super Stain
A non hazardous liquid acrylic stain used to create a marbled / acid stain affect. Super Stain can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. Super Stain is available in 16 different colors and can be applied in a variety of ways such as by sponge, rag, spray equipment, or by broom, just to name a few. >>>

WaterProofer Mix
A polymer modified concrete with fiber incorporated into the mixture for great flexibility and strength. WaterProofer Mix was designed to be used in Performance Waterproof Deck System. Just add water and Poly 600 additive! >>>

White Out
A unique blend of proprietary ingredients used to white out patterned concrete for re-coloring. Performance Polymers White Out, with its excellent bonding capabilities, was specifically designed to bring any stamped overlay, new or old, to a neutral base for consistent coloring. >>>

Poly One Sealer Bucket Poly One Sealer
Poly One Sealer is a clear, single component, solvent based, VOC compliant sealer and glaze. This is a very hard polyurethane that offers better gloss, UV resistance and stain resistance than most other sealers. Poly One Sealer creates a beautiful glossy "wet look". >>>
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