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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional acrylic floor finish?

Amazon Hall Hotel Overlake Operating Room-WA State FMC Dialysis Center

Long Lasting Urethane Floor Finish

Hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers all require highly durable, chemical resistant floor coatings. This is the perfect environment for EPIC Urethane floor finish. One coat that dries in four hours will provide a long lasting durable finish that never needs buffing. This finish requires no stripping before recoating. How long will it last? Two years of wear can be expected but, many patient rooms will not need recoating for several years longer. A typical wax floor will require 5 times the labor to maintain.

epic Why use EPIC?

Why is EPIC urethane floor finish a great choice for a medical facility such as a hospital, clinic or dialysis center?

  • High Chemical Resistance  (betadyne, hand sanitizers)
  • High Gloss or Satin
  • 1 Coat / Zero VOC
  • Never Buff = Substantial Labor Savings
  • 4 hr Fast Dry Time
  • No Stripping
  • Recoating Only After 2 to 5 Years
  • Less Ongoing Disturbances (scrubbing, recoating, buffing, stripping process)
  • Very Low Odor

Maitenance Simplified

Floors are easily cleaned as needed and no other maintenance is required.  Healthcare facilities can reduce labor hours substantially. Traditional acrylic waxed floors require at least 5 times the labor hours as EPIC.

"After the initial application of EPIC we experienced a positive return on investment within 10 months."

-Billy Dale, St. Johns Mercy Hospital, Springfield, MO


Schools & Educational Facilities

Providing an alternative to traditional acrylic floor finish.

Amazon Hall Hotel Overlake Operating Room-WA State FMC Dialysis Center

Less Labor

Our Zero-VOC, water-based urethane  eliminates the need for tedious buffing, stripping and waxing. It will maintain its sheen for 10x the lifespan of traditional finishes. Imagine where you could spend your summers instead of stripping and waxing your school’s floors.

Green & Sustainable

Don’t overlook the opportunity for your school’s floors to be more environmentally friendly. You could be using 10x the material, products and waste with traditional finishes. EPIC qualifies your facility for valuable LEED points.

school flooring epic"Our School started using EPIC floor coatings in 2007... Our terrazzo corridors still look great... the coating holds up to salt and sand; pencil and black boot marks easily wipe off."

-Bob Zwilling, Maintenance Director, St. Cloud Christian School


Hospitality & Restaurants

Your guest’s perception of your facility begins with the surface they walk in on. What message are your floors sending?

Amazon Hall Hotel Overlake Operating Room-WA State FMC Dialysis Center

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Is floor care downtime a downer? One coat provides a shine you can count on. You won't have to shut down your facility to buff your floors! Cleaning is simple with a micro-fiber mop or auto scrubber. Our coatings are an alternative to traditional acrylic floor finishes.

Seamless Protection for Sanitation

EPIC and IMPACT provide a single seamless coat ensuring food service and prep areas meet the required standards. Our coatings are chemical and abrasion resistant and meet slip resistant standards.

Beatiful Bathrooms

Do your restrooms speak to the quality and cleanliness of your entire establishment? Let them make a positive and lasting impression with our ultra durable coatings.



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