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POLY 600 (Liquid Polymer)
The Cadillac of Polymers, with an industry high of 60% solids. This is one of the best polymers available on the market. If you’re currently buying Super Krete Concrete Solutions, Super Stone or Elite Crete (all of these are great products)- you will love our Poly 600 Polymer! But we can only save you money if you call! >>>

POLY 686 (Dry Polymer)
A redispersible, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer powder. Suggested for use as a polymer modifier for hydraulic cement mixtures, in particular for:
•Self-leveling floor formulations
•Pre-packaged ceramic tile adhesives and grouts
•Pre-packaged mortar repair kitsA redispersible, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer powder >>>
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