Poly 600 Liquid Polymer

The Cadillac of Polymers, with an industry high of 55% solids. This is one of the best polymers available on the market. If you’re currently buying Super Krete, Concrete Solutions, Super Stone or Elite Crete (all of these are great products)- you will love our Poly 600 Polymer! But we can only save you money if you call! POLY 600 is concentrated, thick, and high in solids. Other polymer products are normally sold in five gallon buckets by distributors with substantial mark ups. We offer Poly 600 by the Drum or Tote passing on huge savings to our valued customers.
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Poly 600 (Liquid Polymer)

  • Addition rate: 11% solids on 100 cement
  • Flow (%) 116
  • Density (g/cm³) 2.1
  • 7 Day Cure
  • Flexural Strength 898 psi
  • Compressive Strength 4100 psi
  • 275 gallons tote $5,500.00 +shipping
  • 55 gallons drum $1,650.00 +shipping
  • 5 gallon bucket $150.00 +shipping
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